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Can I check into a show manually?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014 07:56AM EDT
Yes. If the audio check-in fails three times in a row, you can search for the show you're watching and check in manually.  However, manual check-in will only work for shows that are currently airing.  If you are watching a show online or one that has been recorded, you will not be able to search for and manually check-in to that show. 

Additionally, you can only manually check into shows that run 60 minutes or less, with the exception of sporting events or other special events.  If a program airing is longer than 60 minutes, you will not find it when you search for the show.  You will also not be able to search for the channel if the program airing on it is longer than 60 minutes.

In order to be eligible for any check-in bonus points or for a Quest or Streak, you have to check into the program using audio verification.  Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points or Quests and Streaks.